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About IST Roams

IST Roams is a product line of IST Sales. IST Roams provides comfortable yet fashionable travel & lifestyle clothing, accessories and apparel for aspiring & seasoned travelers. Collections were curated to inspire expression of your confident, resilient, carefree, empowered & joyful self; enriched by what the world has to offer. We aim to make you feel nostalgic for past trips, fulfilled in your lifestyle whether home or abroad, and excited & prepared for journeys to come.

So turn heads in any country as form meets function with items that are stylish, comfortable, light-weight, practical, and require minimal to no ironing. Whether you’re looking for unique eye-popping fashions, essentials to prepare for your travels, or just going about your daily lifestyle you’ll find it here. Let IST Roams help you express your traveling spirit with the world.

Meet the real ist

Meet the real ist

The thought of the IST Roams began during my 8 month solo trip to 23 countries in 2015. I took a sabbatical from work to regroup, switch it up a bit and see the world. I often found myself wishing there was a t-shirt to express what I was experiencing and feeling during my travels, and began taking notes on how I felt as a solo traveler, a woman, a person of color and a foreigner. Some were funny, others expressed my hurt or annoyance, but most expressed my joy.

As I continued to travel over the years, my tastes & requirements in clothing and accessories evolved. I began to favor comfort, styles that didn’t require ironing, excessive maintenance or a lot of pieces to make a cute outfit. 

Items that were lightweight & small enough to fit into carry-on luggage became a must. My wardrobe and home were also becoming as internationally influenced as I was. I’d look around my room and see a dress from India, scarf from Turkey, shoes from Morocco and a bed tapestry from Vietnam. They were treasures that fondly reminded me of awesome trips, and inspired for ones to come.

Since traveling is my favorite hobby, I found it fitting to create the IST Roams logo with the depiction of a worldly, confident, carefree & fashionable traveler ready to take flight.

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